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Nachhaltigkeit - Hotel Stieglerhof


Living in harmony with nature

We feel the need to run our hotel and farm sustainably and to preserve the earth as we know and love it as a place worth living in
for future generations.
We are aware of the high quality of our living space and
and would like to handle our resources with care.

Fresh water from our own Walchhof spring

Our farm is entirely supplied with our own drinking water, which is of excellent quality, has the best
drinking properties and is piped directly to the hotel.
With the integration of our Walchhof spring into the drinking water network of Radstadt,
drinking water wasdrinking water for generations in Radstadt.
Construction time: 2 years, transport line: 7 km, costs: € 13 Mio.

Environmentally friendly heating plant – woodchip heating

Energy from our own forest
Our heating plant was built in 2007.
With a peak output of 150 KW, the entire hotel complex is supplied.
The whole farm is heated biologically with wood chips.
The wood comes from our own forest.

Electricity from our own hydroelectric power plant

In 2012, the newly built hydroelectric power plant with energy generation
Francis turbine went into operation. The power plant was built near the Stieglerhof and supplies
the entire farm with ecological electricity (green electricity).

The surplus electricity is fed into the Salzburg AG grid.

Small power station – Walchhof: Type: Francis spiral turbine | output of water: 300 l/s | gross head: 34.10m |
net head: 32m | rated speed: 1000 rpm | throughput speed: 2000 rpm | power: 85KW | year of construction: 2012


We see sustainability not only in the responsible treatment of nature.
It is also very important to us to strengthen the local economy by buying regional products and working with local partners.
Much of our food comes from our own farm.

Waste = not all the same

We create awareness – In all work processes at the Stieglerhof, attention is paid to correct waste separation.
Our employees always make sure to dispose of waste correctly.
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