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Feel-good hours and pampering moments

Whether after a day’s hiking in the Salzburg mountains, after exciting hours on the slopes of the Ski amadé or just simply in between – let yourself be pampered with massages at The Stieglerhof Nature and Family Hotel.
Using gentle techniques and selected care products our masseuse ensures you’ll feel great. Make an appointment at reception.

Relaxing and energising massage with aromatic oil.
Harmonises body, mind and soul.

25 minutes € 40,00

50 minutes € 66,00

Beneficial and specifically counteracts tension.

25 minutes € 38,00

Not only provide relief for the back, but allow the whole body to rest and recover.

50 minutes € 63,00

Relaxation for the little ones too! Gentle massage for the whole body.

25 minutes € 36,00

Has a relaxing effect, stimulates blood circulation and promotes the body’s self-healing powers.

25 minutes € 38,00

Lymph flow and detoxification are stimulated, swelling is counteracted and toxins are better eliminated. Has a particularly calming effect on the nervous system – very relaxing!

25 minutes € 38,00

Relaxation of the muscles to improve performance through improved regeneration after exercise.

25 minutes € 38,00

Relaxation of body, mind and soul.

The well-being of the body is gently increased.

25 minutes € 38,00

50 minutes € 63,00

Acts on the connective tissue, loosens encapsulations, muscles are supplied with blood. Cupping also affects organs via the reflex arc.

25 minutes € 38,00

Deep action activates cell renewal

Achieves restoration, revitalisation and recovery

55 minutes € 68,00

We are happy to take your application appointments at the reception. To ensure that you receive your desired appointment, we recommend that you book in advance. Our masseuse is available for you on Wednesday from 3.00 pm – 7.00 pm.

Give yourself the most beautiful moments every day and bathe your body, soul and spirit in inner harmony.
Sarah Bernhardt

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